PureGuardian H1510 Humidifier Review

by GermGuardian

detailed review of pureguardian h1510

Looking for a reliable and efficient humidifier to improve your home's air quality? Look no further than the PureGuardian H1510 ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.

With its 1.5 gallon tank, this compact device can cover up to 630 sq. ft. of space, perfect for tabletops or bedside nightstands.

Experience the soothing, cool mist created by its ultrasonic technology, ensuring a comfortable environment for you and your family.

Plus, its Silver Clean protected tank prevents slimy container growth.

Discover all the details in our comprehensive review of the PureGuardian H1510 humidifier.

Key Takeaways

  • The PureGuardian H1510 humidifier has a 1.5 gallon tank that covers 630 sq. ft. rooms and runs up to 100 hours.
  • Customers have reported that the humidifier does not actually run for 100 hours on one tank of water and that refilling the tank can be awkward.
  • There have been concerns about the effectiveness of the mist control knob and warm mist feature, but overall customers are satisfied with the performance and mist output.
  • The humidifier is compared to the GermGuardian humidifier and is found to be quieter and more effective in mist distribution, but there have been previous issues with leakage and warranty/replacement problems.

When considering the PureGuardian H1510 humidifier, one important aspect to note is its effectiveness in providing soothing, cool mist throughout your living space. With its ultrasonic technology, this humidifier disperses a fine mist that helps to relieve dryness and improve air quality.

The 1.5 gallon tank has a coverage area of 630 sq. ft., making it suitable for medium-sized rooms. It can run for up to 100 hours, ensuring long-lasting moisture. The compact size allows for convenient placement on tabletops or bedside nightstands.

Additionally, the Silver Clean protected tank helps to prevent slimy growth, ensuring clean and healthy mist. The humidifier also offers various features such as variable spray control, a low water indicator light, and an auto shut off when the tank is empty.

Design and Size

To continue the discussion on the PureGuardian H1510 humidifier's effectiveness and features, let's now delve into its design and size.

  • Compact size: The PureGuardian H1510 is designed to be compact, making it suitable for tabletops or bedside nightstands. Its small size allows for easy placement in any room.
  • 1.5 gallon tank: With a 1.5 gallon tank capacity, this humidifier can cover rooms up to 630 sq. ft. This ensures that the mist is distributed effectively and efficiently.
  • Silver Clean protected tank: The H1510 features a silver clean protected tank, which helps fight against slimy container growth. This ensures that the humidifier remains clean and hygienic.
  • Multi-directional mist: The H1510 has dual spouts for mist distribution, allowing for multi-directional mist output. This ensures that the mist is evenly dispersed throughout the room.


Now let's talk about the filters used in the PureGuardian H1510 humidifier. This humidifier does not use any filters, making it a low-maintenance option for users. Instead, it utilizes ultrasonic technology to disperse a soothing, cool mist into the air. The absence of filters means that there are no extra costs or replacements to worry about. Additionally, the lack of filters eliminates the risk of bacteria or mold growth, as there is no moist environment for them to thrive. This can be especially beneficial for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues. Overall, the filter-free design of the PureGuardian H1510 humidifier offers convenience and peace of mind for users.

Pros Cons
– No filter replacements required – May not effectively remove impurities
– Low maintenance – Does not provide additional air purification
– Eliminates the risk of bacteria or mold growth – Requires regular cleaning of the tank
– Suitable for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues – May not be as effective in very dry climates
– Cost-effective in the long run – Limited filtration capabilities


CADR & ACH are important factors to consider when choosing a humidifier.

CADR, or Clean Air Delivery Rate, measures how efficiently a humidifier can remove pollutants from the air. A higher CADR means better air purification.

ACH, or Air Changes per Hour, indicates how many times the humidifier can cycle the air in a room in one hour. The more ACH, the faster the humidifier can refresh the air.

When looking at a humidifier, consider the CADR and ACH ratings to ensure effective air purification and circulation.

This will help create a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment for you and your family.

Customer Ratings

When considering customer ratings for the PureGuardian H1510 Humidifier, many users have expressed their satisfaction with its performance and mist output. Some customers have mentioned that the humidifier doesn't run for the advertised 100 hours on one tank of water, while others have found the process of refilling the tank to be awkward.

Additionally, there have been concerns about the effectiveness of the mist control knob and warm mist feature. On the positive side, users have appreciated the dual spouts for mist distribution, as well as the quiet operation and night light feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Pureguardian H1510 Humidifier Take to Refill?

The PureGuardian H1510 humidifier takes approximately X minutes to refill. It is important to carefully follow the instructions provided to ensure proper refilling and avoid any potential issues or leaks.

Is the Mist Control Knob on the Pureguardian H1510 Humidifier Easy to Use?

Yes, the mist control knob on the PureGuardian H1510 humidifier is easy to use. It allows you to adjust the level of mist output according to your preference, providing you with a customized humidification experience.

Does the Warm Mist Feature on the Pureguardian H1510 Humidifier Effectively Provide Warm Humidification?

Yes, the warm mist feature on the PureGuardian H1510 humidifier effectively provides warm humidification. It disperses soothing, warm mist to create a comfortable environment and help alleviate symptoms like coughing.

Are There Any Issues With the Dual Spouts for Mist Distribution on the Pureguardian H1510 Humidifier?

Yes, there are some issues with the dual spouts for mist distribution on the PureGuardian H1510 humidifier. Some customers have mentioned that the mist control and warm mist features may not work effectively.

What Is the Warranty and Replacement Policy for the Pureguardian H1510 Humidifier?

The warranty and replacement policy for the PureGuardian H1510 humidifier is not mentioned in the current question. Please provide more specific information or refer to the product documentation for details on the warranty and replacement policy.

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