LEVOIT Air Purifiers: A Comprehensive Review

by Levoit

in depth analysis of levoit air purifiers

Looking for an air purifier that can improve the air quality in your home and promote a healthier living environment? Look no further than LEVOIT Air Purifiers.

With their superior performance, durability, and affordability, these purifiers are a top choice for any room in your home.

Equipped with H13 True HEPA Filtration, they effectively remove 99.97% of airborne particles, ensuring clean and fresh air for you and your family.

Experience the benefits of LEVOIT Air Purifiers and say goodbye to dirty air.

Key Takeaways

  • LEVOIT Air Purifiers have a compact and space-saving design, making them ideal for small spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, or small offices.
  • The filters used in LEVOIT Air Purifiers are of high quality and efficiently capture dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and VOCs. They have multiple layers for maximum purification and are efficient and long-lasting.
  • LEVOIT Air Purifiers have impressive CADR ratings, efficiently removing pollutants from the air. They have high CADR ratings for smoke, dust, and pollen, providing frequent air changes and cycling the air in the room multiple times per hour.
  • LEVOIT Air Purifiers have consistently high customer ratings, with an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars. Customers praise their performance, durability, large purification area, 360° air intake, sensitive auto mode, and quiet operation.

If you're looking for the best-performing and most durable air purifier on the market, look no further than LEVOIT Air Purifiers. LEVOIT offers a range of air purifiers designed to provide clean and fresh air in your home.

One of their top models is the LEVOIT Core 400S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier. This intelligent purifier can effectively clean the air in a 403 sq ft room five times per hour. With its HEPASmart technology and 360° filtration system, it ensures a cleaner and healthier home environment.

The purifier automatically senses and reacts to changes in air quality, adjusting its settings accordingly. It also features a sleep mode and programmable settings for convenience. With low maintenance and easy cleaning, the LEVOIT Core 400S is a reliable choice for improving indoor air quality.

Design and Size

When choosing a LEVOIT air purifier, you'll appreciate the thoughtfully designed and compact size. Here are some key features of the design and size of LEVOIT air purifiers:

  1. Space-saving: LEVOIT air purifiers are designed to be compact, allowing you to place them in any room without taking up too much space. They've a small footprint, making them ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, or even small offices.
  2. Stylish appearance: LEVOIT air purifiers have a sleek and modern design that can easily blend in with any decor. They come in a stylish white color that adds a touch of elegance to your space.
  3. Lightweight and portable: These air purifiers are lightweight, making them easy to move around from one room to another. You can conveniently place them wherever you need clean and fresh air.
  4. User-friendly controls: LEVOIT air purifiers feature intuitive controls that are easy to use. With just a few buttons or a remote control, you can adjust the settings and customize the purifier according to your preferences.


LEVOIT air purifiers are equipped with high-quality filters that effectively remove pollutants from the air. These filters play a crucial role in improving indoor air quality by capturing particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and even harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The filtration system of LEVOIT air purifiers consists of multiple layers that work together to provide maximum purification. Here is a table highlighting the different types of filters used in some popular LEVOIT models:

Model Filter Types
LEVOIT Core 400S Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter
LEVOIT Core Mini Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter
LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Bedroom Home Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Fragrance Sponge

These filters are designed to be highly efficient and long-lasting, ensuring that you and your loved ones breathe in clean and fresh air. Regular filter replacement is recommended to maintain optimal performance. With LEVOIT air purifiers, you can enjoy cleaner and healthier indoor air effortlessly.


Wondering how effective LEVOIT Air Purifiers are at cleaning the air in your home? Let's take a look at their CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) and ACH (Air Changes per Hour) to assess their performance:

  1. CADR: LEVOIT Air Purifiers have impressive CADR ratings, which measure how efficiently they can remove pollutants from the air. With high CADR ratings for smoke, dust, and pollen, these purifiers can quickly and effectively improve your indoor air quality.
  2. ACH: LEVOIT Air Purifiers also excel in providing frequent air changes. With their advanced filtration systems and powerful fans, they can cycle the air in your room multiple times per hour. This means that pollutants are continuously captured and removed, leaving you with cleaner and fresher air.

Customer Ratings

To evaluate the satisfaction of customers, take a look at the ratings they've given LEVOIT Air Purifiers.

LEVOIT Air Purifiers have received consistently high ratings from customers, with an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars. Customers have praised the performance and durability of these air purifiers, stating that they're the best-performing and most economical options on the market.

The large purification area and 360° air intake make them perfect for living rooms, playrooms, and bedrooms. The H13 True HEPA Filtration ensures effective removal of airborne pollutants. Customers have also appreciated the sensitive auto mode, which allows them to set it and forget it.

The quiet operation and aromatherapy feature add to the overall satisfaction of customers. Overall, LEVOIT Air Purifiers have received positive ratings for their performance, features, and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LEVOIT Air Purifiers Compatible With Smart Home Devices Like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?

Yes, LEVOIT air purifiers are compatible with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can easily control and monitor the purifiers using voice commands, making it convenient and hassle-free.

Can I Use Essential Oils or Fragrance With LEVOIT Air Purifiers?

Yes, you can use essential oils or fragrance with LEVOIT air purifiers. They have an aromatherapy feature that allows you to enjoy a refreshing scent while purifying the air in your home.

How Often Do I Need to Replace the Filters in LEVOIT Air Purifiers?

You should replace the filters in LEVOIT air purifiers every 6-8 months, depending on usage and air quality. This ensures optimal performance and efficiency in removing pollutants from your indoor environment.

Can LEVOIT Air Purifiers Remove Pet Dander and Allergens From the Air?

Yes, LEVOIT air purifiers are effective in removing pet dander and allergens from the air. With their H13 True HEPA filtration and large purification area, they provide thorough and efficient air cleaning for a healthier living environment.

Do LEVOIT Air Purifiers Come With a Warranty and Customer Support?

Yes, LEVOIT air purifiers come with a warranty and customer support. They offer a warranty for their products and have customer support available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

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