Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier Review: Extra Large Rooms

by Honeywell

highly effective air purifier

Looking for a reliable air purifier for your extra large rooms? Look no further than the Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Air Purifier.

With its powerful performance and advanced features, it cleans the air effectively in spaces up to 2250 square feet.

Part of the Allergen Plus series and ENERGY STAR certified, it removes microscopic allergens and particles, making it ideal for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

Its quiet operation, touch controls, and 5-year warranty make it a top choice for performance and durability.

Experience the difference with the Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier today.

Key Takeaways

  • Compact and sleek design with dimensions of 20D x 22.8W x 10.8H inches
  • Equipped with a True HEPA filter that captures up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • CADR ratings of 300 for smoke, 320 for dust, and 300 for pollen, effectively filtering and circulating air in rooms up to 465 square feet
  • Customers praise the durability of the purifier, the soothing white noise it produces, and the significant reduction in allergy symptoms reported.

During wildfire season, the Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier is highly effective in removing small particles from the air. This air purifier is designed specifically for extra-large rooms, providing up to 2250 square feet of coverage in just one hour.

It utilizes a HEPA filter to remove microscopic airborne allergens and particles, making it an excellent choice for those looking to improve air quality. The HPA300 is part of the Allergen Plus series and is ENERGY STAR certified, ensuring its energy efficiency.

With its quiet operation and touch controls, it offers convenience and ease of use. Additionally, this air purifier comes with a 5-year warranty, providing peace of mind to users.

Design and Size

You'll frequently find the Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier to be compact and sleek in design, making it a great addition to your extra-large room. With its dimensions of 20D x 22.8W x 10.8H inches, it can easily fit into any corner without taking up much space.

The black color adds a touch of sophistication to your room decor. The purifier weighs 17 pounds, making it lightweight and portable. Its design also includes touch controls, allowing for easy operation.

Despite its compact size, the HPA300 is capable of cleaning up to 2250 square feet in just one hour, ensuring that your entire room is purified efficiently.


To effectively purify the air in extra-large rooms, the Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier utilizes high-quality filters.

This air purifier is equipped with a True HEPA filter, which is capable of capturing up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. This includes dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and smoke particles.

The activated carbon pre-filter helps to remove common household odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air.

The combination of these filters ensures that the air in your room is thoroughly cleaned and free from harmful pollutants.

The filters are also easy to replace, with a recommended replacement schedule of every 3 to 5 years for the HEPA filter and every 3 months for the pre-filter.


Now let's delve into the topic of CADR & ACH and continue the discussion from the previous subtopic by exploring how the Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier effectively cleans the air in extra-large rooms. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate, which measures the purifier's ability to remove airborne particles of different sizes. The Honeywell HPA300 has CADR ratings of 300 for smoke, 320 for dust, and 300 for pollen. ACH, or Air Changes per Hour, measures how many times the purifier can filter the entire room's air in one hour. The HPA300 provides 4.8 air exchanges per hour in its suggested room size, effectively filtering and circulating air in extra-large rooms up to 465 square feet. This ensures that the air in your room is constantly purified, reducing allergens and improving air quality.

CADR (cfm) Smoke Dust Pollen
Rating 300 320 300

ACH (Air Changes per Hour): 4.8

The Honeywell HPA300 is particularly useful during wildfire season as it can help remove small particles from the air, including wildfire smoke particles. With its powerful performance and impressive CADR and ACH ratings, the HPA300 ensures that your extra-large room receives continuous and effective air purification.

Customer Ratings

When rating the Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier, customers have praised its durability, white noise, and effectiveness in reducing allergies and improving air quality.

Many customers appreciate the long-lasting build of the purifier, as it's able to withstand continuous use without any issues.

The white noise produced by the purifier is also well-received, with customers finding it soothing and helpful for sleep.

In terms of effectiveness, customers have noticed a significant reduction in allergy symptoms and an overall improvement in the air quality within their homes. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Honeywell HPA300 Compare to Other Air Purifiers on the Market?

The Honeywell HPA300 air purifier is a top contender among other air purifiers on the market. It stands out with its ability to clean up to 2250 sq ft in just 1 hour, removing microscopic allergens and particles effectively.

Can the Honeywell HPA300 Be Used in Smaller Rooms or Is It Specifically Designed for Extra Large Rooms?

Yes, the Honeywell HPA300 can be used in smaller rooms, but it is specifically designed for extra large rooms. It effectively cleans up to 465 sq ft and provides 4.8 air exchanges per hour.

Is the Honeywell HPA300 Suitable for Removing Pet Dander and Odors From the Air?

Yes, the Honeywell HPA300 is suitable for removing pet dander and odors from the air. It effectively filters out microscopic particles and helps improve air quality, making it a great choice for pet owners.

Does the Honeywell HPA300 Have Any Smart Features or Connectivity Options?

No, the Honeywell HPA300 does not have any smart features or connectivity options. It is a standalone air purifier designed to effectively filter and circulate air in extra large rooms, without the need for additional connectivity capabilities.

What Is the Recommended Maintenance and Filter Replacement Schedule for the Honeywell Hpa300?

To maintain and replace filters for the Honeywell HPA300, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and clean air. Consult the user manual for specific instructions.

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